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1. Silver, Convex Stick On Glass Drivers Side(RH)
2. Cable, Convex, Passenger Side (LH)
3. Astra Stick On Wing Mirror Glass Drivers Side(RH)
4. Silver Stick On Mirror Glass Passenger Side(LH)
5. Astra Stick On Mirror Glass Passenger Side(LH)


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Had to buy a new wing mirror glass for my daughter's old Peugeot 106. Demonkar delivered almost the next day, at a nice price and including postage. I'm sure a main dealer would charge a lot more. I will definitely use Demonkar again.



The order did not fit the car but, as advised, I returned it and a replacement was sent straight away. Excellent service

Hazel Cogzell


i recently ordered a wing mirror for my astra. when it arrived i realised that i had asked for the wrong one. i phoned and explained what had happened. they were very understanding and asked me to return it. upon receipt they sent me out the correct one which i got the next day. brilliant customer service, i would recommend this company to anyone, and will certainly use them again

chris davies


Both wing mirrors within a week! Excellent service and delivery. Highly recommend.

Lynda Monkcom


Thankyou just purchased door mirror cover.Helped by your excellent staff on the phones. All the best, Tony Addison

Tony Addison

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H7(499) visionplus.(pair) car bulbs

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H7(499) visionplus.(pair) car bulbs

You will drive with confidence and security that comes with knowing you have 50% more light on the road,10 to 20 meters longer beam and better road sign reflection.All this with the phillips quality as standard.

Price Inc VAT: 19.95

Green "Grasshopper" Car Seatbelt Shoulder Pads.

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Green "Grasshopper" Car Seatbelt Shoulder Pads.

Set of two green "Grasshopper" car seat belt shoulder pads.A must for every car owner, or as a gift for that special person.Price includes p&p.

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Hycote Grey Primer Aerosol

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Hycote Grey Primer Aerosol

400ml Spray Can Enhanced covering power Excellent adhesion to metals and rigid plastics Ideal for weld through operations

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Turtle Wax Color Magic Dark Blue Polish 500ml.

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Turtle Wax Color Magic Dark Blue Polish 500ml.

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Hycote Zinc Primer Aerosol

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Hycote Zinc Primer Aerosol

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Hycote Gloss Black Aerosol

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Hycote Bodyshop High Build White Primer Aerosol

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Hycote Bodyshop High Build White Primer Aerosol

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Car Battery Charger 12Volt 6Amp

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Car Battery Charger 12Volt 6Amp

12V, 6Amp Battery charger. Suitable for use with Car, Motorcyle, Motorhome, Marine and Lawnmower 12V lead acid batteries.

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Dancing Hula Girl Car Dashboard Air Freshner

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Dancing Hula Girl Car Dashboard Air Freshner

Bahama & Co. Dancing Hula Girl Car Dashboard Air Freshener Pina Colada Scent.

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Turtle Wax Color Magic Black Polish 500ml.

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Turtle Wax Color Magic Black Polish 500ml.

Turtle Wax Color Enhancing Polish is the total solution to restoring your car's paintwork. Suitable for all finishes including metallic and clear coats.

Price Inc VAT: 7.95

Lowest prices to Buy Car Parts and Accessories online.

Whichever parts you need for your car,from car mats to car seat covers, we sell only discount car parts and accessories, both interior and exterior online and are based in the UK. Our online catalog is protected by the highest security on the internet so you know your transaction is safe.

Whatever make and model of car you have, whether it be Ciroen Saxo, Xsara, Ford, Escort, Fiesta, Mondeo, Galaxy, Honda, Civic, Accord, CRX, Nissan, Micra, Primera, Renault, Clio, Laguna, Subaru, Imprezza, Mitsubishi, Colt, Evo, Toyota, Corolla, Celica, VW, Golf, Passat, Jetta, we have the parts and accessories for you. Whether you are looking for chrome badges, a new grill mesh, filters, bulbs, air vents or lighting - exterior LED and neon we sell only discount interior and exterior car parts and accessories throughout the UK. has a spectacular range of car accessories, and you will find exactly what you are looking for. From car mats to car seat covers or that auto part that you just cant find,they are all here. Want your car to look better we've got the perfect spoiler for your car.Want to rock when you roll, Car stereo with superwoofer and amplifiers will do the trick!! If your tail lights let down the effect of your exit get led tail light or you could even go for neon lighting. Racing seats are a real treat and with car graphics your car will look great inside and out. New car exhausts can create as loud or quiet an entrance as you please, and it wont just be your headlights that dazzle the crowd.Your car modification can include alloy wheels,new car stereo system and even seat covers to match your mood!

Discount car parts and accessories UK, providing interior car accessories and exterior car parts. For discount auto parts for your car online, delivered direct to your door in the UK

No matter what car accessories you require; whether it is car speakers, car mats, car bulbs or internal and external car lighting, there is a huge range to suit everyone.

Demon Kar is based in the UK and sells discounted car accessories for exterior or interior, such as car mirrors and car speakers, and a range of other car accessories. Online transactions with Demon Kar are safe due to our high security payment system and our product catalogue of car accessories is larger than other similar websites selling such items.

Regardless of the make and model of your car, there are car accessories to suit all as we cater for all makes and models from Ford cars through to VW and Toyotas. Our range of car accessories includes the basics such as internal car mats to luxuries such as stunning exterior neon lighting.

Car Accessories

Not all car accessories catalogues are the same, and if you want to upgrade your car in the most cost effective way then a large and exciting list of discount car accessories is essential to help you do this. There is such a wide range of car stereos amplifiers, super woofer and car speakers. The featured car speakers are from the Mutant range and provide exceptional sound quality, which is not often found in the basic type of car speakers.

Our car accessories include simple but effective items such as tax disc holders right through to a large range of car amplifiers. There are well over 70 categories of car accessories on our site which offer any type of car accessories you could ever want or need to fit any type of make and model of car.

Car Mats

When it comes to car mats, it is important to find the highest quality car mats at the lowest prices and we have a huge selection to choose from including Minxy Pink and Spider car mats, Esprit red car mats, Furioso car mats available in blue, yellow, grey, black, purple and red, Universal tufted velour car mats in blue and yellow, Red Flames and Blue Dragon car mats, Grey Dragon car mats, Red Character and Blue Character car mats and the very popular Red Tribal car mats, which also come in blue.

In fact, the range of car mats is seemingly endless, so you are certain to find the style you want, and there are also padded car mats and velvet car mats for added style. Most of the car mat selections are available to match car seat covers so you are able to match your car's interior perfectly and all in one place.

Car seat covers

The range of car seat covers is vast; the racing seat covers are extremely popular, especially for those people who also choose to have racing car graphics on the interior or exterior of their car.

The car accessories range in the car seat section has been carefully selected for the highest quality and best value for money. Car seat covers are the perfect complement to the range of car mats.

The selection of car seat covers, found within the car accessories section, includes:

Max Power logo car seat covers in grey plus matching car accessories, Minxy car and Max Power blue car seat covers also with matching car accessories, Destroy red and Destroy blue car seat covers, Spider car seat covers with car accessories, Universal blue and black car seat covers (these are also available in yellow and black or red and black options along with suitable car accessories), Pink Lady Bug and Green Grasshopper car seat covers, Yellow Bee and Xclusive car seat covers in select colours of black, silver or grey or Blue Flames car seat covers with various car accessories.

Car Speakers

Treating yourself to a new set of car speakers is always exciting, and our selection of car speakers are highly affordable yet still provide excellent sound with fantastic state of the art design.

One of the most popular brands of car speakers from our catalogue is the range of Mutant car speakers. We sell a variety of Mutant car speakers including Mutant 2-way coaxial car speakers, Mutant 3 way car speakers, Mutant 'X' 3 way car speakers and Mutant X 2 way coaxial car speakers. The Mutant car speaker range provides excellent value for money.

Mutant X Car Speakers

The Mutant X model of car speakers provides extra power with cutting edge, radical styling. These car speakers are new to the audio car market and have already managed to send shock waves through the market to those seeking to purchase a new set of funky car speakers.

Car Bulbs

With a great range of car bulbs Demon Kar provides customers with great value for money. Some of the car bulbs that we sell will actually provide up to 50% better light in comparison with other car bulbs on the market. We provide the best car bulbs that money can buy including:

Visionplus car bulbs

The Visionplus car bulbs are able to provide 50% more light than traditional car bulbs; these car bulbs are sold in pairs. There are a variety of Visionplus car bulbs to choose from to suit your requirements.

When purchasing any of the Visionplus car bulbs, it will increase your confidence on the road and provide added security at night or in poor weather conditions. These car bulbs will generally provide an extra 10 to 20 metres of longer beam to light the road over a larger distance than normal car bulbs. Road signs are better reflected in advance when these car bulbs are fitted on your car. Our Visionplus car bulbs are of Phillips quality.

Ultrablue 4000K (street legal) car bulbs / Bluevision (street legal) car bulbs

If you are looking for some funky (and legal) lighting to attract attention and enhance your driving experience, look no further than our Ultrablue and Bluevision car bulbs, which are also sold in pairs. These are the funkiest car bulbs you will find that are completely legal to use in the UK.

There is such a great variety of discount car accessories in our catalogue that you cannot fail to find items to suit your needs from Demon Kar.

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